Aadhar Card

Aadhar Card

What is Aadhar Card?

Aadhar card verification process is very easy. UID number is done through twelve digit special number which is issued by UIDAI to all citizens of India. Aadhar card enrollment will tell you more about person basic demographics along with biometric information such as ten fingerprints, photo and iris – of person kept in central database. Unique and Robust characteristics add to cards make it enough to eliminate duplicate and fake identities in private and government databases. Generation of random number will devoid of any classification based on caste, creed, geography and religion. With aadhar card enrollment, it becomes easy for you to carry out maximum usage of your aadhar card at regular intervals of time as decided by government.

Who May Get Aadhar Card As Well As UID Card?

Any person who and is resident of India and satisfies verification process decided by UIDAI may get an Aadhar. An individual of any age group may get an aadhar card. For children below three years their biometric details will not taken and aadhar will link to parents or guardians or only. When they get five years of age, they only have to register biometrics details. Biometric details will be required to register again, for children between five to fifteen years of age, as their biometrics details get change with age.

Aadhar For NRI

UID or Aadhar Number would be issued to any resident in India who will satisfies verification process of UIDAI, including of NRIs and foreigners residing in India.  Their physical presence in India will lead to providing fingerprints and bio-metrics etc are essential. Aadhar uid card is not required for only Indians and may not lead to citizenship. It is becoming mandatory for people o get involved with aadhar card enrollment which is important.

Features of UID Card

Authority for UID in India will say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ response for authentication of identification queries. Public and private agencies will not able to access other information. As mentioned above uid number is not only twelve digit number but it is for each individual, including of infants.  It means each individual in a family will be allotted separate aadhar card uid number. It will enables identification process easy and is must for each resident in India. UID card doesn’t establish Indian citizenship and it is not that it belongs to only for Indians.  Although not mandatory, getting aadhar card is voluntary. It is essential for each resident, Irrespective of the existing procedure for documentation which means each individual without identification process of documents may also get uid card. Multiple aadhar card enrollment is not possible for each person. Every individual will be assigned a unique uid number. When it comes to uid number, it may be used for ration card, passport, or any other identification based document. Aadhar card enrollment may not replace any IDs.