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Documents Needed For Enrollment

About Documents Required For Aadhar Card

You need to submit various aadhar documents required in original or attested copies through notary or gazette officer, apart from filing Aadhar enrollment form. Birth date proof, address proof and Identity proof are must for uid card documents required. Given below are documents required for aadhar card may be accepted for proof, According to UID website.  Please go through bottom section in case anybody does not have documents for proof for same procedure to follow, if you do not posses few or any of above listed documents. In case of identity proof documents photo is compulsory document. You may need to take original documents are or copies of originals attested by class I officer of Government of India as mentioned above. For your aadhar card or unique UID, following mentioned documents required for aadhar card are compulsory. In future it will be essential for every body to have UID for identification process. 

What Are The Various Documents Required For Aadhar Card?

For all those who are willing to get their aadhar card made must carry all aadhar documents required at the time of submission. With these uid card documents required by the offices, your identity is registered and you need not give all these documents again at the time of renewal.

Aadhar Documents Required For Address Proof Including of Address and Name

UID card documents required for address proof may be from Passport

  • Bank Statement or Passbook
  • Account Statement or Passbook of Post Office
  • Ration Card
  • Voter Identification card
  • License for Driving
  • Photo identification cards issued by Government
  • Bill of Electricity not older than three months
  • Landline Bill for Telephone not beyond three months old
  • Tax Receipt for Property not beyond three months old
  • Bill for water not beyond three months old
  • Signed Letter of Bank on letterhead including of Photo
  • Signed Letter of registered Company on their letterhead including of Photo
  • Signed Letter by Educational Recognized  Institution on their letterhead including of Photo
  • Statement of Credit Card not beyond three months old
  • Insurance Policy
  • Card for Freedom Fighter
  • Kissan Passbook
  • ECHS or CGHS Card
  • Job Card of NREGS
  • License for arms
  • Pensioner Card
  • Certificate Address including of photo issued through Panchayat head or  equivalent authority in rural areas
  • Certificate Address including of photo issued through MP
  • MLA or Group A Officer on their letterhead
  • Address Card including of Photo issued through Postal department
  • Assessment Order of Income Tax
  • Registration Certificate of Vehicle
  • Registered Sale or Lease or Agreement for rent
  • Domicile and Caste Certificate including of photo issued through state government.

All these documents required for aadhar card are just for one time usage.

Aadhar Documents Required For DOB Proof Including Of Name and Birth Date

You may choose uid card documents required for SSLC Book or Certificate, birth proof from Certificate for Birth, Passport or Certificate of Birth date issued through class one Gazetted Officer on their letterhead.

Aadhar Documents Required For Identity Proof Including Of Photo and Name

For above said purpose you may choose from following identification ids. Amongst various uid card documents required, in case of Identity cards, you may choose from passport:

  • Voter identification card
  • Ration or Photo PDS Card
  • PAN Card
  • Photo Identification Cards issued by Government Educational Recognized Institution issued
  • Bank ATM Photo Card
  • License for Arms
  • License for Driving
  • Job Card of NREGS
  • Credit Photo Card
  • Photo Kissan Passbook
  • ECHS  or CGHS Photo Card
  • Address Card including of Photo and Name issued by Postal Department
  • Photo Card for Freedom Fighter
  • Identification Certificate including  photo issued through Group A class of Gazette Officer on his letterhead,
  • Photo Pensioner Card etc.

Documents which are without photos will not going to be entertain.  Even older photographs are acceptable.